Virtual Conference

Please join us for the 30th anniversary celebration of the Keck Center, October 29-30, 2020.
The Keck Center, a Science Odyssey, 2020 and Beyond! 

This annual conference recognizes the collaborative research conducted by predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees of the Keck Center. To celebrate the Keck Center’s 30th anniversary,  the conference will feature outstanding speakers, Keck alums and current trainees and while looking to future opportunities in the quantitative biomedical sciences.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

Wah Chiu
Stanford Univ,  (Keck Center co-founder)

 Carlos D. Bustamante
Stanford Univ.

Keck Center Alum Speakers:

Kendra Carmon
UT Health

Upma Sharma
Arsenal Medical

Amarda Shehu
George Mason Univ.

Conference Organizers: 

Keck Center co-founders Kathy Matthews, Rice Univ. , and Monte Pettitt, UTMB

Please mark your calendars and plan to join us October 29-30, 2020
Bioscience Research Collaborative, 6500 Main St., Houston

Plans are for this conference to be held via a virtual format if an in-person meeting is not possible.

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